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A Guide to Financial Disclosure in Tulsa, OK, Divorce

Divorce involves more than ending a marriage contract. It is also a formal legal process of dividing a married couple’s assets and determining custody of their children if any. If you are preparing to divorce in Tulsa, OK, and have concerns about the impending property division determination, it is crucial to understand how financial disclosure works and what you can expect from this stage of your divorce proceedings. Properly conducted financial disclosure is the best way for both divorcing spouses can ensure a fair and reasonable property division determination under Oklahoma’s equitable distribution statute. However, it is crucial to not


Is There Any Way to Speed Up My Tulsa, OK, Divorce?

Divorce is always difficult and emotionally stressful, even when a couple reaches the mutual decision to divorce. No matter what a divorce case entails, divorce proceedings can drag on for months or longer, depending on the case’s complexity. If you have made the decision to end your marriage in Tulsa, OK, it’s natural to wonder whether there is anything you could do to hasten the process and obtain your divorce order faster. Every divorce is unique, and some measure of divorce litigation is unavoidable in virtually every divorce. However, there are some things you can do to potentially speed up


Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Tulsa, OK Divorce

The divorce process is likely to be one of the most stressful and challenging experiences of your life. Even if you are sure about ending your marriage, the legal process of divorce can be tremendously difficult in many ways. Unfortunately, the stress and emotional strain of the divorce experience can spur some individuals toward making critical mistakes that cost them dearly in the long run. If you are preparing to divorce in Tulsa, OK, review the following common mistakes, so you know what not to do during this difficult time in your life. Don’t Talk About Your Divorce Publicly When


How to Protect Your Assets in a Divorce

When you go through a divorce, the most challenging and sometimes crippling result can be one or the other divorcee being nearly penniless. Divorce lawyers in Tulsa, OK will ruthlessly fight against you for the sake of themselves and your partner. Anything that is not otherwise protected could be at risk. Here is a list of general assets that might come up during a divorce. Accounts used for investing Savings and checking accounts Life insurance policies Professional practices, business entities, interests in closely held corporations, or partnerships Retirement, pension, or executive compensation packages Furniture, real estate, and automobiles Collectibles Trust


Tulsa, OK, Divorce Litigation FAQs

Divorce is a challenging process for everyone who experiences it, and going to court for divorce in Tulsa, OK, is one of the most difficult possible avenues for ending a marriage. If divorce litigation is unavoidable in your situation, you should know what to expect from the litigation process and how your divorce case is likely to unfold. An experienced Tulsa, OK, divorce attorney is your best asset for preparing for a divorce case. Take time to review the following frequently asked questions and their answers to learn essential foundational information about the divorce litigation process. Q: What Is Divorce


What Types of Tulsa, OK Cases Require a Family Law Attorney?

Family law covers a broad spectrum of cases. If you are preparing for any type of family law matter, it’s vital to have legal counsel on your side who has solid experience handling cases similar to your own. While many aspects of family law mirror civil law, these two areas of law are quite different, and family law involves many unique statutes you must understand as your case unfolds. An experienced Tulsa, OK family law attorney can be incredibly helpful in many different types of cases. Why You Need Legal Representation in Divorce Divorce cases are some of the most


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