Tips for moving forward after divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Tuesday, August 27, 2019.

Even if two individuals agree to pursue a divorce, the whole process can be incredibly stressful and emotionally taxing. It is one experience that can completely change someone’s life.

That is why many people find it difficult to move forward in this new chapter after divorce. So, here are some tips to help individuals take the first step to do just that.

1. Do not avoid the emotional process–allow yourself to feel

Divorce involves a wide variety of emotions that range from:

  • Grief and pain
  • Anger and anxiety
  • Loneliness and even relief

These emotions can be extremely overwhelming for one individual to experience. However, it is important that individuals allow themselves to feel these complex emotions. Avoiding dealing with emotions could cause mental health concerns and prevent individuals from moving on.

And remember: these emotions are temporary. But addressing and understanding them can help individuals work through them.

2. Take time to focus on other important relationships

Going through a divorce can make people feel isolated, especially if their friends and family members are still married. It might be tempting to avoid reaching out to loved ones during this tough time, particularly while individuals deal with the complicated emotions of divorce.

However, strengthening relationships with one’s kids, family and friends can be incredibly healing and fulfilling after divorce.

3. Most importantly: Focus on you too

Post-divorce life gives individuals a chance to reengage with themselves as well. It is both helpful and healthy for individuals to:

When individuals start concentrating on their well-being, they can help improve their temporary mood and long-term happiness.

Life in Oklahoma is busy. And navigating life after a divorce does not make things much easier. However, taking these small steps can help individuals move forward into their future and leave the stress of divorce behind.

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