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What Is Included in a Comprehensive Estate Plan?

An estate plan can include multiple documents that can be customized to fit your goals and needs. A Tulsa estate planning attorney can help you determine what documents are ideal for your situation. It can be helpful to understand some of the most common parts of a comprehensive estate plan. A Will Your last will and testament is one of the most common and basic legal instruments in an estate plan. It enables you to: Inventory the assets and debts that belong to your estate. Name an executor to manage and distribute the estate after your death, as well as


When Is Divorce Litigation Necessary?

Although there is a common conception of divorce as consisting of lengthy court battles, a majority of divorces are settled through alternative dispute resolution methods outside of litigation. It’s important to understand when divorce litigation may be the ideal option, along with the advantages and disadvantages of that path. A compassionate and experienced Tulsa divorce attorney can help you determine what option may benefit you. Understanding a Contested Divorce When spouses can agree on important elements of the divorce, such as spousal support, division of property, child custody, and child support, this is considered an uncontested divorce. Though the final


The Basics of Child Support in Tulsa

When parents live separately due to separation, divorce, or other circumstances, they each still have a legal obligation to financially support their children. Child support is how the Tulsa family court ensures that both parents provide financial support, particularly if one parent has a lower portion of custody or is unable or unfit to raise their child. If you are navigating a divorce, paternity, or separation case, a child support attorney can help represent you and your interests. Either parent could be assigned child support payments, depending on the income and resources of each parent, the percentage of parenting time


Protective Orders in Tulsa, OK

In Tulsa, victims of domestic violence, harassment, stalking, and other violent crimes can file for protection through victim protective orders (VPOs) and other protective orders. These orders can prohibit another individual from contacting, approaching, or behaving violently toward the person who files the order. When filing for a long-term protective order, a petitioner must present evidence to explain why they need a protective order. This can be easier with a protective order attorney. Although a protective order cannot stop an individual from harassing someone or engaging in violent behavior against them, it can impose criminal penalties, like fines and jail


Establishing Paternity in Tulsa

In Oklahoma, a child born to two married parents is presumed to be the legal and biological child of those parents. If parents have a child and they are not married, they will have to establish paternity, which provides both biological parents with legal parental rights. If no paternity is established, the parent who gave birth to the child will be the only parent with parental rights and responsibilities. A Tulsa paternity lawyer can help you determine the ideal legal steps to establish paternity. Establishing paternity can be a wonderful way to ensure both parents have the same responsibility for


Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid in Tulsa

Estate plans are important tools for protecting your estate and its assets during your life. They enable you to pass your estate to designated beneficiaries, provide instructions for your end-of-life medical care, and give financial and medical powers to a trusted loved one or professional. Importantly, a comprehensive estate plan keeps the majority of your assets out of probate court, which saves your beneficiaries and family members significant time, resources, and money after you pass. However, estate planning can be complicated. If done improperly, it can actually increase the stress and cost for your loved ones and prevent your wishes


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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