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How to Choose the Right Tulsa, OK Family Lawyer

Choosing the right Tulsa, OK family law attorney to represent you may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. Everyone needs legal representation at some point, and it is always best to take time to research your options before committing to legal counsel. Your investment in a family law attorney can pay off tremendously if you know how to find the best possible lawyer to represent you in Tulsa, OK. Your attorney can not only alleviate the burden of pursuing a family law matter but also clarify legal statutes you may not understand, prepare you for court


FAQs About Divorce in Tulsa, OK

Divorce is usually one of the most difficult experiences of a person’s life. It is perfectly natural to have lots of questions once the idea of divorce becomes a reality for you. Every marriage is unique; therefore, every divorce is unique as well. It’s essential to understand the legal processes involved in divorce and the common questions most people in this situation ask about their legal options. Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First? It typically does not matter if you or your spouse files the initial divorce petition. Unless either of you committed some type of crime or


How to Handle Custody Violations in Tulsa, OK

A child custody agreement is a formal court order that details divorced parents’ rights and responsibilities to their children. Custody agreements also outline how much time a child will spend with each parent after divorce and provide guidelines for transportation, transition days, and management of the child’s schedule. Parents need to follow their child custody agreements to the letter. Otherwise, they risk not only damaging their relationships with their children but also legal penalties. If your coparent has violated your child custody agreement in any way, call our firm. It’s vital to consult a Tulsa, OK divorce attorney as soon


How Your Stepchild Benefits from Legal Adoption in Tulsa, OK

While family court often entails difficult situations like divorces and custody disputes, Tulsa’s family court, OK, can also be a place for positive legal experiences like adoption. An adoption can be a life-changing event for any child, even if they are too young to understand what is happening. Mixed families, including children from previous partners and marriages, are more common than ever before. It’s growing increasingly common for children to be raised by stepparents and adoptive parents. If you are a stepparent or intend to marry someone who already has a child, it’s vital to recognize that adoption may be


How to Salvage Difficult Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation can be a great alternative to litigation, but only if both spouses are willing to compromise and negotiate peaceably. Mediation offers a divorcing couple the opportunity to negotiate their divorce on their own terms in private as opposed to a public trial in which the judge has the final say. The mediation process is relatively straightforward. Even for very complex divorces, it can provide expedited results. Unfortunately, mediation doesn’t always proceed as expected or intended. A Tulsa, OK divorce attorney is the ideal resource if you want to take advantage of the benefits of divorce mediation. While you


How Can I Find Out if My Spouse Is Hiding Assets?

Divorce proceedings in Oklahoma courts require a discovery process, just like most other civil cases. If you are preparing to divorce in Tulsa and negotiation is off the table as an option, you should be bracing for the litigation process by hiring a reliable attorney to represent your side of the divorce case. If you and your spouse own significant assets and wealth, it’s even more necessary to hire an experienced Tulsa divorce attorney who can help you ensure a fair outcome under Oklahoma’s equitable distribution laws. What Is Equitable Distribution? Unlike community property laws that aim for a 50/50


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