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Why Is An Attorney Important in an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce happens when spouses file for a divorce in agreement on all major issues or agree on most and are prepared to negotiate the terms of their separation agreement. This is different from a contested divorce, where parties have the court decide the major aspects of a divorce, including property division, spousal support, and child custody. An uncontested divorce is faster, less expensive, less stressful, and often much easier on the whole family. Of course, many divorcing spouses may wonder if the cost of an attorney is worth it in an uncontested divorce. The truth is that working


How Domestic Violence Changes Divorce Proceedings

Domestic violence impacts the lives of many families and individuals. It is an unfortunate reality that many people face throughout Oklahoma and the country. If you are someone facing domestic violence from a spouse, you may be unsure how this will affect the divorce proceedings. It’s essential to understand how to keep yourself safe, get legal protection, and understand how domestic violence accusations alter divorce litigation. Oklahoma Definition of Domestic Violence and Abuse In Oklahoma, domestic violence is any violent act or act of abuse between partners, ex-partners, close family members, or those who share a household. Domestic violence does


Default Divorces in Oklahoma

If a spouse refuses to sign divorce papers, it can make an already stressful process seem more overwhelming. Any divorce, even uncontested divorces, comes with stressors. If your spouse contests the divorce, you enter into a contested divorce. Contested divorces are lengthy and expensive. However, if your spouse refuses to respond to divorce papers, or avoids being served them at all, you may be able to get a default divorce. When your spouse refuses to respond to or acknowledge divorce papers, there can be many reasons for this. Sometimes, they may believe that this will prevent the divorce altogether. Other


How Is Property Divided in a Tulsa Divorce?

Oklahoma is an equitable distribution state when it comes to the division of property. Unlike a community property state, marital assets are not divided 50-50 between spouses. Instead, the judge will look at the unique circumstances of a couple’s divorce and determine a fair and equitable split. Though an equitable split may be equal, it doesn’t have to be. Marital vs. Separate Property Not all property is up for asset division. Only marital property is split between spouses. Separate property is not divisible, although there are cases when the separate property becomes marital property. Marital Property Marital property refers to


Navigating Family Law Issues and Social Media

Social media is a large part of many people’s daily lives. Parents and children alike use social media outlets to connect with friends, learn new things, and spark creativity. Although these apps and platforms can certainly be beneficial, they can also cause unintended damage, especially if you are going through a legal process. Family law issues are already fairly delicate and require additional care and attention. Because of this, social media posts can have a significant effect on your family law claims. To combat this, it is important to follow certain rules and guidelines online when you are going through


Prenuptial Agreements: Should You Get One and How to Create a Fair Agreement

As the saying goes, “love is blind.” When you are in love, the thought of divorce or legal separation might not even cross your mind. However, prenuptial agreements, commonly known as prenups, are becoming increasingly popular. They allow couples to protect their assets and ensure a fair distribution in a divorce or legal separation. Advantages of Prenuptial Agreements Protection of Separate Property One of the main benefits of a prenup is the protection of separate property. This includes assets each individual brings into the marriage, such as property, businesses, and investments. A prenup can outline how these assets will be


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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