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Intestate Succession Laws in Tulsa: How the State Distributes Your Assets

Writing a will is a very basic form of estate planning. It allows you to determine how your assets are distributed after your death and who will manage the administration of your estate. Writing an estate plan can make the probate process much less complicated and lengthy for your loved ones, especially if you make more comprehensive plans that avoid probate entirely. An estate planning attorney in Tulsa can help you create a will and estate plan. If you die without having written a will, then the assets in your estate are distributed based on state law in probate court.


How Divorce Affects Your Finances

It is no secret that a divorce is an expensive process, with short-term and long-term effects on the finances of both parties. A divorce requires families to deal with emotional, legal, and financial challenges. When you are concerned about your financial stability after a divorce, it can make the divorce process even harder. Working with a Tulsa divorce attorney can help you protect your financial interests, and they may be able to secure fairer terms that aid you financially. Legal support is beneficial, but there are some costs of divorce that will occur regardless. Understanding these expenses can help you


The Process of a Collaborative Divorce in Oklahoma

Today, divorces that are resolved through contentious litigation are less common. Instead, couples are opting for forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which allow them to create their separation agreement outside of court. Collaborative divorce is one type of ADR, and it can even be helpful for resolving contested or contentious divorces. A successful collaborative divorce has each spouse represented by a skilled and experienced Tulsa divorce attorney. When couples are able to reach a successful resolution in ADR, they can save themselves time, money, and stress and begin their new lives with a stronger foundation. ADR focuses on collaboration


Does Having a Mental Illness Make You Unfit for Custody in Tulsa?

A custody case is a stressful time in any parent’s life. The Oklahoma court holds the child’s interests as a priority. If a parent is not providing for a child’s needs and well-being, they could be found unfit. One factor that influences fitness is mental health issues. Parents with mental disorders frequently worry that they will lose custody because of their diagnosis. It’s important to understand how this impacts custody and how a Tulsa child custody attorney can help. Each situation is unique in a custody case, and a parent with a mental illness may or may not be allowed


What Is Included in a Comprehensive Estate Plan?

An estate plan can include multiple documents that can be customized to fit your goals and needs. A Tulsa estate planning attorney can help you determine what documents are ideal for your situation. It can be helpful to understand some of the most common parts of a comprehensive estate plan. A Will Your last will and testament is one of the most common and basic legal instruments in an estate plan. It enables you to: Inventory the assets and debts that belong to your estate. Name an executor to manage and distribute the estate after your death, as well as


When Is Divorce Litigation Necessary?

Although there is a common conception of divorce as consisting of lengthy court battles, a majority of divorces are settled through alternative dispute resolution methods outside of litigation. It’s important to understand when divorce litigation may be the ideal option, along with the advantages and disadvantages of that path. A compassionate and experienced Tulsa divorce attorney can help you determine what option may benefit you. Understanding a Contested Divorce When spouses can agree on important elements of the divorce, such as spousal support, division of property, child custody, and child support, this is considered an uncontested divorce. Though the final


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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