Divorce is likely to be one of the most stressful and transformative experiences of your life, and it’s natural to struggle with a potent mix of emotions throughout the process. Once the divorce is complete, some experience tremendous depression and stress, while others feel saddened but relieved to be done with their dissolution proceedings. Many have lots of questions about what to do next or how they might alter their divorce orders. Whatever your case may entail, taking time to handle a few practical matters after finalizing your divorce can create a stronger foundation for the next several years of your life.

Review Your Divorce Order

It’s worth sitting down with your Tulsa, OK, divorce attorney after finalizing your dissolution to carefully review the terms and conditions of your divorce order. Some divorced spouses are fortunate to make “clean breaks” from their exes with few ongoing financial commitments. However, other divorces involve child support determinations and spousal support agreements requiring divorced spouses to continue interacting.

Your attorney can clarify any elements of your divorce order that you do not understand. In addition, you can rely on an experienced attorney to help you identify the most significant challenges you are likely to face in the coming years due to the terms and conditions of your divorce order, and they may also find opportunities to have your divorce order changed.

Taking time immediately after your divorce to fully understand your rights and responsibilities under the terms of your divorce order can pay off tremendously in the future. For example, you will be less likely to make mistakes concerning your financial commitments. In addition, you will be able to quickly identify any violations of your parental rights from your co-parent.

Create a New Budget

Divorce almost always imposes financial complications on the divorcing spouses and their children. Regardless of what your divorce entailed, taking time to review your financial situation is vital after a divorce. Developing a new budget that takes your ongoing financial commitments with your ex into account can help you make more accurate projections concerning expenses and savings. The property division determination from your divorce may have resulted in gaining some assets while losing others. You may need to reevaluate your investments and set new financial goals.

Maintain Positive Relationships With Your Children

Divorcing when you have children can be incredibly difficult, and the relationships between divorced parents and their children are often very strained following the completion of their divorces. Very young children are unlikely to fully understand what has happened to their households, and older children can act out their frustrations with divorce in several ways. As a divorced parent, you must legally abide by the terms of your custody and support order, and if you have contact with your children, you should do your best to help them through this challenging situation.

Some kids wonder whether they are to blame for their parents’ divorces and others believe their parents will eventually reconcile. Be as active as possible in your child’s life and answer their questions to the best of your ability. All parents must remember during and after divorce that it is never wise to try to turn a child against their other parent. Divorced parents must separate their personal issues with one another from their shared responsibilities to their kids. If a parent intentionally interferes with their child’s relationship with their other parent, especially by lying about the other parent’s behavior, this will irreparably damage their relationship with their child.

Create a New Estate Plan

If you recently divorced and you have any type of estate plan in place, you must take time to review your estate plan to ensure your ex-spouse is not still listed as a beneficiary. This is especially important if you have children. Revising your estate plan will ensure they inherit your property, and you can minimize the chance of disputes arising by editing your estate plan cohesively.

Whether you have a last will and testament, a living trust, or a more complex estate plan, an experienced estate planning lawyer can help you determine whether you must simply adjust your existing estate plans or create a new plan entirely. You must also check your beneficiary designations on your assets, such as beneficiary designations and “payable on death” arrangements for specific accounts or property. Make sure these listings align with the contents of your estate plan, so there is little room for dispute during estate administration.

Understand the Modification Process

Your divorce order may seem tenable and comprehensive, but life can present unexpected challenges that materially affect the elements of your divorce agreement. You may need to revisit your divorce order in the Tulsa, OK, family court in light of recent events, such as the loss of a job, the development of a disability or medical condition, or disputes with your ex-spouse concerning custody or child support. The modification exists as an alternative to a more complex appeal process for family court orders. Anyone beholden to a family court order in Tulsa, OK, can request reasonable and necessary changes to their order in certain situations.

If you experience any major life events following the completion of your divorce, you may need to consult your attorney to determine whether these events constitute grounds for petitioning for a change to your family court order. The modification process requires submitting a petition with supporting evidence, attending a hearing, and then a judge makes a final decision. All parties involved in the order will have the opportunity to present evidence and testimony for the judge’s consideration.

You may need to file a petition for modification to adjust your child support terms, seek expanded custody rights, or hold your ex accountable for your family court order violations. If you believe any recent event qualifies as grounds to change your family court order, it’s vital to work with an experienced attorney. Ultimately, anyone is likely to face various challenges after divorce, and reliable legal counsel is an invaluable asset in these situations. If you have recently completed your divorce, reach out to an experienced Tulsa, OK, divorce lawyer for further guidance in the months or years following your dissolution.