Choosing the right Tulsa, OK family law attorney to represent you may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. Everyone needs legal representation at some point, and it is always best to take time to research your options before committing to legal counsel. Your investment in a family law attorney can pay off tremendously if you know how to find the best possible lawyer to represent you in Tulsa, OK.

Your attorney can not only alleviate the burden of pursuing a family law matter but also clarify legal statutes you may not understand, prepare you for court appearances, and ultimately streamline your case in many different ways. The value of having reliable legal representation on your side is incalculable – no matter what type of family law case you are preparing to endure.

Start With Research

Time may be of the essence in your current situation, but this should not mean neglecting to take the time required to thoroughly investigate your options when it comes to legal counsel. The right Tulsa, OK family lawyer can make a significant difference in the outcome of any case, whether you are preparing for divorce, planning an adoption, or if you need to draft a prenuptial agreement.

Look for Tulsa, OK family law attorneys with solid experience specifically in the purview of family law. The family court system works quite differently from the standard civil court system, so it is essential to understand the importance of working with a family law attorney who has solid professional experience in this specialized area of law.

Check reviews, both on potential attorneys’ websites as well as third-party sites. This will provide you with the most holistic view of what it could be like to work with an attorney. Once you have created a list of a few potential legal representatives, schedule consultations as soon as possible so you can interview them and make the most informed decision possible.

What Should I Ask a Potential Lawyer?

A consultation with a prospective attorney is an opportunity to find the attorney who inspires you with the most confidence. Start your consultation by asking general questions concerning the attorney’s experience, areas of special interest and expertise, and their expectations concerning your case:

  • “How long have you practiced law?” It is always best to choose the most experienced family law attorney you can find.
  • “How much experience do you have with family law?” Be sure to find an attorney who has specific experience in the field of law to which your case pertains.
  • “Have you handled cases similar to mine?” See if the attorney can provide past examples of cases that reflected qualities of your own and ask how those cases ended.
  • “What unique factors can you see in my case that may influence future proceedings?” Every family law case is unique, and your attorney should be able to pick out the details of your case that will most heavily influence the outcome.
  • “How much do you charge for your legal representation?” Good attorneys are clear and honest about their billing practices, so do not be afraid of asking for an estimate of how much your case will cost you in legal fees.

These general questions can provide a better image of the attorney’s experience level and willingness to accept your case. Continue by asking a few more specific questions about your case:

  • “How long do you expect my case to take before it concludes?” The longer your case takes to reach a conclusion, the more you will ultimately pay in legal fees.
  • “What is your impression of my legal position?” If the attorney seems willing to take your case and is supportive of your position, they will tell you so during your consultation. They should also notify you of the potential to take advantage of alternative dispute resolution, if possible, to reduce the time and expense of seeing your case through to a conclusion.
  • “I am concerned about the tax implications of this case. What information can you provide?” Many family law matters involve complex financial issues and can influence taxes in many ways. If the attorney cannot answer these questions in detail, they should be able to refer you to a trusted professional who can.
  • “What happens if my case results are not ideal? What can I do?” Family law is unique in that you can revisit a divorce decree, child custody determination, or other family law order at a later date through a post-judgment modification. The attorney should be able to explain this process and inform you of the likelihood that you will need to use it.

A good attorney should be able to provide clear and concise answers to these questions, provide you with their unfiltered opinion about your legal standing, and offer an anticipated timeline of how your case will proceed.

What to Expect From Your Tulsa, OK Attorney

While some people mistakenly believe that hiring an attorney would amount to money wasted in excessive legal fees, good attorneys price their services fairly and do everything in their power to ensure positive results for their clients. If you take the time to find a reputable and highly experienced Tulsa, OK family law attorney, you are protecting your future. You can rest assured that your legal team will significantly streamline the case proceedings you face in the near future.

Your family law attorney will help you gather the documentation and evidence you will need to form the foundation of your case. Your legal team can also perform more extensive research than the average person can typically manage, so it’s possible that a good attorney can find legal avenues to support your case you would have otherwise overlooked.

Additionally, family law attorneys with years of experience have extensive networks of professional contacts, including medical professionals, forensic accounts, and social service providers that can assist their clients both within and outside of their cases.

Find a Legal Team Today

Ultimately, hiring a skilled Tulsa, OK family law attorney is one of the best steps you can take toward bolstering your chances of success in an impending lawsuit. Time is a critical factor in virtually every family law case, so do not hesitate to start researching potential legal representatives and find the attorney best equipped to successfully represent your case.