Families struggling with child custody woes

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child custody on Thursday, May 7, 2020.

Missouri families might feel like making wise decisions for their children is increasingly difficult. For some, life is a bit more complicated due to the widespread closure of schools, businesses and public offices. For families that have a child custody order in place, making the right call amid a pandemic may cause tension.

Nationwide, parents are struggling to adjust to new guidelines and regulations. For children that are used to splitting time between two parents, the schedule may be temporarily interrupted. If parents do not agree on a course of action, the situation may result in the need for legal action.

Perhaps a household has a family member that is immunocompromised or otherwise high risk. Having children leave and return to visit another party may seem like an increased risk. On the other hand, some parents feel like the other party is merely using the pandemic as an excuse to circumvent an existing child custody order. Since schools are closed, some families are even wondering when summer vacation officially begins because that is often a time when a child’s visitation schedule changes.

Since courts remain closed to the public except for cases deemed an emergency, parents may have a difficult time knowing what to do. Fortunately, experienced family law attorneys are still willing and able to help. An attorney can help a client establish, change or enforce a child custody order. Naturally, parents want to make sure the health and safety of a child is a priority, and a Missouri attorney can give professional assistance to make necessary changes while abiding by the law.

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