What should grandparents know about child custody?

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child custody on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

Missouri grandparents may be among the estimated 2.4 million nationwide raising their grandchildren full-time. If a parent has passed away, suffers from a serious medical condition or addiction, or is otherwise unable to care for a child, a grandparent often comes to the rescue. In such situations, grandparents may need more information about pursuing child custody and other important matters that can affect the well-being of the household.

Many grandparents may feel a bit overwhelmed. Having raised children of their own, they must learn how to raise a new generation in the digital age. Finances, medical care, education and online safety can be tricky matters to navigate.

Grandparents may want to find out if the child is eligible for Social Security, or if the household qualifies for assistance with food, utility bills or health insurance. If a grandparent is raising a grandchild full-time for the foreseeable future, he or she may want to look into pursuing legal child custody or guardianship. This will allow a grandparent to handle the matters mentioned above on behalf of a child and possibly collect child support from an absent parent.

A child custody order can also help Missouri grandparents ensure that a child remains safe and sound in the home, and that no other parent or relative can just show up and take the child without permission from the court. While this may sound like a tall task, grandparents should know that help is available in the form of a knowledgeable attorney. An attorney can help get the legal ducks in a row so that grandparents can focus on the grandchildren they love so dearly.

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