Oklahoma has a high rate of divorce

Marriages in Oklahoma are typically entered into with the firm belief that the couple are embarking on a lifetime partnership. All too often, cracks appear in the partnership that may ultimately lead to divorce. While there are multiple issues that can be involved in obtaining a divorce in Oklahoma, there are some basics that a person should be aware of.

Oklahoma recognizes the condition of irreconcilable differences as acceptable grounds for divorce. This allows just about anyone to file for divorce for just about any reason. One of the first steps in the process is typically to notify the court by filing documentation indicating that one is seeking a divorce. If there are no children and the divorce is not contested by the other spouse the process can proceed fairly quickly.

If there are minor children involved, a waiting period may be involved and there may also be a separation agreement, or temporary order, that governs the rules and responsibilities for both parties during the settlement period. There follows a mediation process during which issues such as child custody, asset distribution, debt liability and other financial matters are negotiated. If agreement on these matters cannot be reached, a judge may intervene. Judicial decisions regarding financial matters are typically not subject to appeal, with certain exceptions.

Divorce is a difficult and emotional undertaking. A person in Oklahoma who believes it is the only remaining option may benefit from seeking the counsel of an experienced family law attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can review the individual’s situation and assist him or her in reaching a reasonable settlement.

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